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Une selection, Techno établit en 1995

We start with an old degenerated citizen of the royal empire of Great (so far) Britain, sir John Lydon his majestic voice tell us a story or a fact about the most infamous american lobby of films industry in this low world. Letfield is a band post generated by house musical influence, nothing special to say about them. Words are terrifics, so open up !

The Prodigy - this band sound very techno/break beat it's probably one of my favorite new discovery since 3 years. Their performance on stage is unbelieveble, a great moment of intence and pure juice energetics. Liam, the leader's of the team is probably the most furious music programmer that I never heard and not a lazy zippies, he move his butt and the result sound like a great young english band original and creative. Bad for you (mix) no comment ! the song who's follow Crazy man resume maybee myself ? but sometimes when dancing catch me I feel like that.

This Belgium formation who's call Front 242 creator of the sound electro very aggressive in the middle of the 80's. I choice this title Religion cause the words are so charming and specially this version call "lovelace a gogo" don't ask me why ? I don't tell you.

Here we change radically of style of music but we stay in the family of computerized music machine, monkeys of england climb down theirs trees to play with a mouse on a grid. Blame is an exemple with "2 bad mice" it was signed in 91.

Mix Race is another band from the Jamaican community from London, they play Jungle music, I like the way this piece of cd data sounds and gone "Mix race outha hand" very deep and clever song for Donky Tong and Mario.

Dark Horse sign here a basic jungle hit call "Rollin energy"

Hollow is a band more english house than jungle, Isn't bad at all, good enought to move on it, the label of this compilation make a good job, Em:t a name to remember.

A short cut of bad taste by DCB-A call Acid bitch absolutely nothing hint with you.

The old lady open the march ! Siouxie and the Banshees with a song : Stargazer- remixed by Juno Reactor a sound designer particullary prolific, the piece sounds very mystic-transe-sexy with zeros and ones everywhere, symphonics latex distorssion on keyboard, arabian flute taste so exotics, a complete world. I get the album, I like it.

Circuit is a band absolutly unknow. We enter at this time in a domain of music transe rave for the little boys and girls from Europe (very popular here at this time). Nothing great, but the lyrics kill me at every time I heard it - Transport of Love - beats, beats, beats all the time, repetitions and loops, synthesia of a natural Eve on earth who's walking.

Always on the air, it's 7 am in a warehouse somewhere else. We chilled out, it's sunny today, everything is so surrealisme in this place, at this time. Contemplative and born to be allive, something like that about my feeling on Juno - Together -

Tundra - Tundra - Time, time, time their a problem of time, on this record nobody can tell when it's start, when it's finish, loops of infinity with trendy tribal ritual.

The only French touch of all this music. In fact, the band call "Les frères Lefdup" traduction of The Lefdup's Brothers, but for this title they used the name Bad Basic Binary Beat who's it so better, ouarf ! they sign here a very good fun piece of cd's, so so funny and cute at all, An exemple of sense of humour very frenchy on an fantastic story of love.

Sense of humour when you take me ! G.T.O or Greater than one have in store this kind of article, with a big cheet of second degrees. Why do men have nipples ? is a big joke, for sure, but the four or five albums that they do can give complexs to the mummy of "The Residents".

The rest is a conclusion or can appear like that. Electric Music is a band composed by two dissidents of Kraftwerk, the legendary electronic collectif from Germany.TV sounds like variety of course they talk about media, I like the tune of the singer, mélancolique, passive, monotune, narrative, bored like television sometimes. Lifestyle is definitly for me a good piece of synthetic music of today not too fast and the words (there are ?) are interresting, I mean the way they use to exploited. Overdrive is fast, and so over, so radical.
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